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Our selection of easy and convenient cartridges for a wide range of vape pens offers the satisfaction of marijuana easily wherever you are. Starbuds has a variety of efficient and effective options for discreet use.

  • Legion of Bloom California Sauce Cartridges – ORGANICANN

    Legion of Bloom California Sauce Cartridges for sale. Our California Sauce Cartridge is more than premium refined live resin–it is a representation
    of excellence. Just like the Golden State itself, California Sauce is rich in experience and full
    of flavor.

    It’s everything you would expect from the Legion of Bloom:
    Pure, Quality, Terpene Rich Cannabis Experiences

    ● Full Spectrum
    ● Single Source Strain Specific
    ● Refined Live Resin
    ● HTE (High Terpene Extract) Sauce and 3x Refined Cannabis Extract

    What is Sauce?

    Sauce is the most common term for an extract that has a non-uniform texture and high
    amounts of terpenes. … Isolated cannabinoids and a high terpene content set sauce apart
    from other concentrates. HTE Sauce is essentially a deconstructed live resin, in which the
    terpenes and cannabinoids have naturally separated.

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