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Our Live resin is made from high-quality THC extracts made using CO2 and butane to extract trichomes from fresh flash-frozen cannabis. By sourcing the cannabis concentrates from fresh plant matter instead of cured/dried material, more of the original terpenes are preserved in the final extract.
Since live resin has more terpenes, it’s usually more malleable and runnier. Live resins can range in color from light gold to deep amber, but, ultimately the color will vary along with its terpene content.

  • Abx Live Resin Cartridges

    Abx Live Resin Cartridges features seasonally fresh live resin in a wide variety of applications. ABX Live captures the essence of each season’s fresh harvest and delivers award-winning formulations for cannabis tastemakers seeking exclusive, true-to-flower cannabis experiences.
    • Fresh highlights for every season
    • Select strains from master breeders, lifetime cultivators,and award-winning formulators
    • Strain-specific
    • Full-spectrum, robust cannabinoid and terpene profile
    • Available in concentrates, pods, and cartridges

    Available strains: Banjo (Hybrid), Blueberry Muffin (Indica), Tangie (Sativa)

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